Monday, April 12, 2010

Bikini as motivation

So I sailed the seas and made it without hurling over the side of the ship. Caught a wicked cold on the last day but all in all it was a sickness-free journey to the Caribbean.
And guess what???
I wore a bikini (actually 3 different bikinis) in public! And I didn't even rush to get in the water or strategically place the towel to hide my tummy roll. I proudly wore the swimsuit and felt good!
So why with all that goodness am I back in reality and not tracking?????
I could blame it on the sickness. When I catch a cold I lose my appetite so basically if anything looks good at all I just eat it regardless of whether it falls into the "good for you" zone or not.
But truth be told I am just being lazy and all that is doing is probably de-railing my progress.
I missed my WW meeting while on the cruise and then unfortunately I was hacking up a lung last week so decided against bringing the death to my WW peeps. So two weeks of unaccountability is not good for the weight loss.
And of course this week I have another excuse waiting in the wings as we (my team and I) have been invited to attend the horse races at Keeneland in a box seat this Wednesday afternoon. So there is a chance that I will not be able to skate out on time since it is a work-social function.
But I miss it....I miss my leader and all the folks who say hi and ask how I'm doing and you know what? I miss knowing. I feel that I didn't do so bad on the cruise but then when I couldn't weigh in right after I think the eating to feed the demon (read mac-n-cheese, happy meal, fudgesicles, pudding, etc...) has skewed me off course. Very frustrating.
So I've decided to really try and make the meeting. I will drive separately and maybe I can slide out without anyone noticing.
I really need the motivation and accountability because this weekend Marvin is taking me to Asheville for my birthday and I want to be in the healthy choices mindset.
Well enough babbling for now. Wish me luck.