Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eating Alone

When you travel for business you are often found eating alone. At casual restaurants it is fairly simple, you bring a book, magazine, etc... You basically order, eat and get on to the rest of your life. But what happens when you are a foodie. The restaurants you frequent are not usually casual and are not exactly the atmosphere to whip out the latest Nora Roberts best seller (by the way the new 3 part series about the Pagan Stone is really good for an airplane read).
So how a restaurant reacts to a single diner is very important to me.
I made an early reservation at a restaurant tonight (5:30pm) and was the first patron to enter the restaurant. I was treated like a queen. Actually not a queen so much but some who appreciated food and was there for the whole experience. I was not rushed (my dinner took 3 hrs.) and every question, concern and comment was not only heard but reacted to. The server recommended wine, food, etc... He even talked to me about a book he was reading about a food writer, even so far as bring me the book so I could write down the information.
Basically it was a fabulous experience and I wish all dining experiences could be so awesome.
Why can't all restaurants hire such observant and caring servers? My only wish is that all the restaurants I frequent in the future can live up to this one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

To walk or not to walk...

So tonight I had an option. Take a walk or go out to eat. So what did I do...I walked to go out to eat. Typical for me since I love eating, in or out. And actually the argument between the two is for a whole other post. So I walked six blocks to buy a magazine then walked four blocks back to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. I did OK by ordering a salad and a grilled turkey burger (which was actually super tasty). But I totally messed it up by having two of the best drinks ever invented, their Strawberry Martini which is literally mushed up strawberries, sugar and Ketel One Vodka.

Delicious. Then of course with the slight buzz from the strawberry crack I headed (uphill mind you) to Tango, a restaurant I had been to before for happy hour on a previous trip. I had an awful mojito...I mean really awful but an amazing dessert called El Diablo with dark chocolate goodness and burnt marshmallow....usually hate that but loved it with this. Anyways I am now home and I did walk fast it being dark and me being downtown and alone and all. So did I burn off the calories I ate and more importantly drank...not a chance in hell. But at least I put my tennis shoes on and did something rather than sit around and watch the Food Network.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sad Story

Tonight I wanted fish. And since I have this aversion to cooking fish in the same place I sleep I ventured out into the world. Walked over to a great restaurant and had some killer fish. A champagne cocktail to start with a great salad with killer goat cheese. Then a very large pour of white wine and an Alaskan Ling Cod with brown butter and almonds. Finish with a cappuccino with and some chocolate mousse. Great dinner, short walk and perfect weather.
So why the sad story you ask...
Well I love eating out don't get me wrong. And I am perfectly comfortable being alone at the movies, in a restaurant, even grabbing a beer in a bar. But tonight...I was sad.
The restaurant I went to was recommended to me by Marvin. So even though it was absolutely perfect in every culinary way, it was missing the most important part...him.
The wine might have gone to my head and maybe the lack of things to do at home are driving me...but I am miserable.
I just want to lead whatever normal means to this world of mine.
Cross your fingers and wish me luck...I need it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Search Party may be needed...

No people, I am not physically lost. I know exactly where my behind sits as I type on the computer. However...I may need a search party to help me find my way to where I need to end up mentally. As many of you may be experiencing, the economy is dictating my personal life right now. I am sick of moving but cannot leave my job which is the reason for all the moving because it is just that...a job. And as frustrated as I am, I am grateful that I still have a paycheck every two weeks. So right now I sit trying not to be a spoiled brat and complain about how much it sucks that I am doing a job I am not fulfilled by, hundreds of miles from Marvin and thousands of miles from my family.
But seriously...where do I go in my mind to help filter out all the clutter and discern where I need and want to go when the dust has settled and our new president (please Obama work some magic) figures this shit out. That is where the search party comes in. If there was a way I could hire (actually just have someone volunteer out of the graciousness of their heart) someone to move and sort all the talents and desires that rack my brain and certainly are not helping me sleep at night. I would maybe feel better.
But alas all, that is not to happen (unless of course you know this magical person that could solve my woes). So in the meantime I will keep on keeping on. Hopefully finding my way in the dark. But by the bruises on my knees from hitting the bedpost in the is going to be a long haul.
So sorry about the lack of writing. I just haven't been feeling myself lately. I am missing my girl Gracie (HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL!!!!!), missing my one and only (Marvin you light up my dark) and missing my family who always keep me grounded.
I promise nothing except that I will give what I can when I can.
Thanks for all your support and I look forward to feeling more like writing soon.