Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How am I doing....

Well folks what do you do when your goals conflict with each other?
So last evening Marvin and I headed out to this local bar called Confidential. Cool, trendy place that seemed a bit out of our league on a Friday or Saturday night but looked perfect for a cheap happy hour. The entire menu, tapas and all the drinks are 1/2 off and lucky us it was Tuesday so happy hour lasted the entire night. So the saving money goal----CHECK. Oh wait you say....what about goal #1...getting back on the WW buggy??? See conflict!
So what is a girl to do when super creative drinks and yummy small plates are 1/2 off and your boyfriend is finally home at a decent hour? Well you go for it! We tried all the drinks and they were fabulous and the tapas were great except we ordered too much and none were very figure friendly.
Wrong choice??? Maybe but it was a lot of fun and super tasty. I went on an extra long walk today to make up for it and will go on another one tomorrow.
Oh and the cooking class goal...guess what? My class had expired and I had to get an extension. Time flies people. But I re-signed up and finished the last exam of this group of lessons and have an A+! So now I just have to wait for the next set of materials to come in then off to the races. Only a 3 month extension so gotta kick my ass into gear.
So there it is a brief update into my world...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunny San Diego

Well here I sit in sunny San Diego (is there really any other place in the world that has such amazing weather???) without a new assignment, just chilling with Marvin (who is working) and waiting. So my hope is to do the following:
1. Get my ass back on the Weight Watchers train. I have been horrible this past couple of months basically eating whatever I want and not incorporating activity. Since the weather here is beautiful I have zero excuse not to get out and walk it off! I want to look good for Mike & Erin's wedding (in April) and really want to start feeling better about myself again.With all this time on my hands it should be easy to get a schedule going and work out some healthy menus. I do need to find a meeting to go to but I have a call out to the WW community for some help in that department.
2. Get some more of my cooking and catering online class accomplished. I have slacked considerably over the past few months and really want to make it a goal to finish this.
3. Save some money. Everyone is out to save some money these days and Southern California does not seem to make it very easy. But I am going to do my best using all the tools I have at hand (coupons, farmer's markets, recipes...) to see what I can do. The snag here is the fact (as you all know) that I love eating out. But I have researched and found some places in the area that have reasonable dishes and some good happy hours. Not knowing if I have a job is making this goal a bit more pressing but it is number 3 for a reason.

Those are three big goals for me but the folks at WW say that the first step to achieving your goals is to write them down in black and white. So here goes nothing!