Thursday, October 22, 2009

Land of Horses and Bourbon

For those of you that don't know, I am currently stationed in Lexington, KY. Where the horses are worth more than a pair of new Rolls Royces and if you ask for bourbon mixed with Coke you will be taken out back and shot.

Now I know what some of you are thinking...Kentucky is backwards and rural and overall not a place I would end up. I used to harbor some of these feelings myself prior to my move here in June. And don't get me wrong there are certainly parts of Kentucky that are very rural and where Deliverance (the movie) seems like it may be a reality. But Lexington is different.

There is city: a nice downtown with a convention center and few half-decent restaurants and bars, a huge mall that has every store you could ever want, there seems to be a ton going on throughout the area on any given day and I can get almost anything I need from the grocery store or farmer's market (no Pike's Place Market in Seattle but pretty nice).

There is country: within a 1/2 mile from the house there are horse farms galore and fields of produce. Very beautiful drives and I am looking forward to the changing of the leaves.
So it is medium-sized, within 5 hours of the fam and besides two roads trafficless (if that is a word).

So what don't I like....right now all I can find to be negative about is the job. Rather than b**** about my job (because I am happy to still be receiving a paycheck when so many are not) I will simply say that I am still not being fulfilled at work. And unfortunately this and some of the folks I have had to deal with are making Lexington a little less attractive.

Ok well that was just a brief update of my whereabouts for those that missed that memo (who am I kidding there was never a memo). Back to work with me....

Confessions of the worst blogger ever.....

I am ashamed that the last time I posted was in April....can you all please forgive me?
I do not have some elaborate excuse or cool story to tell about the time I have spent away from Kung Fu Girl. I just fell off the wagon.
But lo and behold I have found that something is missing in my life right now. And when I looked at all the things I had going on I realized that maybe it was writing.
So I am here on hands and knees hoping that all my faithful readers (I think I had faithful readers...) will give me another try.
I may be rusty at first but I will do my best to work out all the kinks. I don't have a game plan per se on the topics to write about so it will just have to be open-ended right now. However if you have anything you would like to hear little ole me rant and rave about please do not hesitate to let me know.
Ok well now that I have that off my chest on with my day.

Thanks in advance for your forgiveness!