Monday, November 10, 2008

Congrats Mom!

A big congrats goes out to my mom who just got a new job! Way to go!
I am proud of you and I know you will be great.

November Birthday Post

As I look out at my calendar I see many November birthdays. However, as I have been a slacker lately I thought I would just send out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to everyone in November now so that I when I forget to send a card it isn't too late, except for one. (Cop-out....yep)
So here we go...
Last week (11-2): HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! Hope you are enjoying Boston.
Today (11-10): HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE GARY! See you at Christmas.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA! See you in a few weeks!
Tomorrow (11-11): HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER CRAVEN! I know your mom reads this so hopefully she can pass along the wishes. See you in a few weeks.
Wednesday (11-12): HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY! I know you have been having a rough year or so but hang in there things can only continue to get better! And give your little Alyssa a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the end of the month too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote or don't bitch

I had to vote absentee a few weeks ago and I did it. So I am giving myself and everyone else who voted absentee a sticker today.

Now for all you who are able to vote in person, get your little behinds to the polls so you can get yourself one of these:

As for the title of this post...
In the last presidential election I chose to exercise my right NOT to vote to the dismay of many of my friends and family. But every time I criticized the current administration I was reminded that I did nothing to stop him from taking office. So to earn the right to bitch about the president (and we all know that we will want and need to no matter who takes office) get out and vote! Exercise your right to bitch!