Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boxes, bins and bottles of wine....

So countdown to moving day: T-minus 5 days and counting

75% of my life is packed neatly into boxes and plastic bins, labeled appropriately and entered into my notebook. The other 25% will either be making the journey to the Arctic Circle with me or when I try to shove everything into Shady I will find that it will not fit and will have to find someplace to store it.
The joys of moving.

I have no real news per se. Marvin is healing from surgery, we are trying to tie up all our loose ends here in Lexington and I am trying not to eat everything in sight. I pretty much gave up tracking this past week for fear of going insane. I have tried to make OK choices but am not stressing yet because I just can't deal with anything else on my plate right now (unless it is chocolate-covered or cheesy deliciousness). I will attend my final Lexington WW meeting this Wednesday and then move on to the new meeting location in Marquette next week. If nothing else I am going to try to not miss meetings while all this transitioning is taking place. Hopefully the rest will fall into place.

I started this post because it had been a while and although I am not sure who still is reading I thought it would be good to check in. But folks I am tired. Bags under the eyes, yawning, drinking a glass of wine and typing in bed tired. So I am signing off for now. I hope that this new change in scenery will inspire a bit more writing on my part.

Thanks to those that still check every once in while to see if I write. I appreciate the support!


Michelle said...

I check in! And I miss you! Let us know when you want to get together this summer. We can meet somewhere around Traverse City!

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