Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog Focus

As I jump start my blog life I am wondering if I should lean towards a particular focus. Do I want my blog to fit into a special niche like food, travel, funny, weight loss, serious, etc.? Or I am using my blog for therapeutic reasons so my rambling can overlap many different areas?

This question has been on my mind for a while and to be honest was one of the excuses I used while not writing on it. If I could not even decide on a  theme then how could I write effectively? I am awesome at excuse making and even more awesome at excuse accepting! Not the best combination in the world.

Well truth be told I have not told anyone that I am back on the blog. When I over analyze that decision (as I do most things) I realize that this blog is my therapy especially when my actual therapist does not take my current medical insurance carrier.

I use it to explore my fears, my wants, my responsibilities, food and travel experiences, questions I feel have to be asked to the world and all the other things roadblocking my mind.

I am currently working on a book review (one of my freelance writing gigs) and part of the review is a description of how I, as a woman, process information. My description included picturing a maze (the hedge kind not corn because corn mazes give me nightmares). As I go along the hedges I am absorbing and using all the present information available to me about a certain situation. Yet when I hit a dead end I am picking up facts and signs from the past and the future. So every decision I make is based on all three (past, present and future). Most woman I know process information in a similar fashion. So as to say while most men think linearly and in the present, woman never just take the the current experience into consideration.

I think this blog is part of my process. It gives me a place to express my views on any given subject and work through any questions or issues I am having due to a past experience or future concern or dream.

Bottom line: No blog focus.

It may not make me one of the most searched and followed blogs or help me snag a writing job, but hopefully it will fulfill a recently missing piece of my thought process.

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