Monday, March 24, 2014


I love clutter. There I admitted it for all the world to see.

When I have a job, with a desk it is a complete disaster. Piles of papers, snacks, scattered pens, etc. but I know where everything is and that makes me comfortable.

At home my spaces (and I will admit some of the shared spaces) are full of my clutter. Bills, magazines, sweatshirts, books, etc. and I am completely at peace with that.
My better half however loves things neat and tidy all the time. ALL THE TIME! Well unfortunately for him I am not made that way and lucky for me he loves me anyways.

Then there is the 5% of me that craves order and a streamlined process of all the "stuff" in our lives. I secretly love when the counters are clean, when I can shut all my drawers because clothes are folded and not just stuffed into them and when you can actually see the floor in the closet. These things do make me happy and calm. Could it be that all those Feng Shui artists are correct?

Sometimes, like fall and spring, I will go crazy and get everything in order. Then two weeks later it looks like a tornado ran through my living room. Was I just born to be a clutter bug?

While other kid's houses had the "do not touch" living room our house was always lived in. Which is a way of saying the memories made in the house were always more important than the way it looked. To this day it is why I am always immediately comfortable wherever my parents are living because they bring that mentality with them.

Can the two parts of me co-exist? Or do I have to pick a winner and stick with it?

You know it is spring so my two weeks of clutter-free existence is coming. Maybe I can hold off on making this decision until summer.....

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Unknown said...

I think you can probably guess where my vote lies...