Friday, September 23, 2016

Afraid of My Own Shadow

Who's afraid of the big bad writer?

Well folks I am.

Fear is debilitating and honestly I am ashamed to admit it.

The challenge currently faced is fear of failure, fear of not being quite good enough and maybe a little fear of success.

Talk about a cluster f***.

Even though I am trying to learn and absorb all the information out there to start my own online biz, I still find myself here talking as the Kung Fu Girl in Disguise rather than biting the bullet and moving forward on what I know in my heart will be a kick a** website.

Where is the niche? What is the target audience? Who the hell wants to hear what I have to say?

I am a self-help book waiting to happen.


I am sick of complaining and listing all the wrongs and left turns in my life. I decide today that I will concentrate on believing in myself and treating myself the way I treat others. I deserve to be taken care of and I deserve to put myself first to be happy.

This weekend I am pulling the metaphorical trigger and by Sunday at midnight I will have a target market and an ideal reader.

Wow. Just typing that sentence released a tremendous pressure from between my shoulder blades.

Its good. I am good. I cannot do all the things but the things I can do I will do well.

Accountability is a bitch so I'll see you Sunday night!

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